The Friends of Saint Matthew, Inc.

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   Introduction  of the 501(c)3

The Friends of Saint Matthew Inc. (“FOSM”) is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization  formed in 2010 to raise, invest and disburse financial support for the maintenance and growth of both Saint Matthew Parish and School.


The Board guides and directs the FOSM in its dual mission:


  • Acting as the flagship organization for tax-deductible personal, corporate and institutional contributions to Saint Matthew Parish and School.


  • Functioning as an integral funding liaison among the Parish and School


In this way, the FOSM is both a key recipient of charitable donations as well as a strategic facilitator of appropriate financial allocations at Saint Matthew’s.


The FOSM works hand-in-hand with the leadership team at Saint Matthew Parish and School to promote additional funding and supplement available resources on behalf of the larger parish/school community through a variety of fundraising initiatives and strategic planning.


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