The Friends of Saint Matthew, Inc.

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  • Friends of Saint Matthew, Inc. 501(c)3 incorporated as a legal non-profit and  initial Board of Directors established - October 2010

  • Received approval from the IRS as a 501(c)3 - March 2011

  • Becomes Operational –collaborated/approved initial “Advancement Program” that fosters and promotes an authentic spirit of community by planning, organizing, and publicizing fundraising activities for the Saint Matthew Parish and School Community – October 2012

  • Launched the FOSM website for outreach to alumni, parishioners, families, faculty, staff, parents, students, friends, stakeholders, and business, labor and political leaders – June 2013

  • Over $330,000  in financial support raised for Saint Matthew Parish and School

    - Technology upgrades – laptops, audio/video, smart boards and other miscellaneous items - -- Gym equipment
    - Fire alarm system upgrade
    - EITC/OSTC PA tax credit scholarships
    - Contribution to offset school budget deficit

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